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Your actor showreel is a direct window onto the roles you have been – and more importantly, could be – cast in…

Reel Important…

Your showreel is an ever more central part of your marketing profile. These days, casting professionals expect to see more than a headshot and a list of credits, and a good reel can make or break your chances of being seen for a role. Have a look at how Polymorph can help you make sure that your reel is doing its job.

Reel Analysis

What you want is a reel where every moment shows you in roles that match your casting types while still demonstrating your versatility and skills, right? It’s galling, but true, that a very large proportion of reels just don’t do this.

Most actors realise that we often aren’t the best judge of our own material, so it’s hard to oversell the benefits of having someone take a long, hard look at your showreel and give you an honest opinion as to its quality. Our partners have looked at hundreds of reels over the years and we’ve learned what sells an actor in a reel, and what doesn’t.

Book a Reel Analysis with Polymorph and we’ll deliver an in-depth analysis of your reel. We’ll tell you honestly what’s good in your reel, and how and why we think your reel can be improved (it probably can be, but if we think your reel is perfect we’ll tell you that too!) along with some general good practice advice for future reference.

Reel Edit/Design

Every clip needs to earn its place in an actor’s reel. While it isn’t an exact science, creating a reel is a much more nuanced process than simply cutting together a bunch of clips.

Whether you’re starting with just the clips, or with a reel you think isn’t quite right, we’ll work with you to design your reel from start to finish using the footage you supply. Along the way we’ll help you select the material, and tell you exactly how and why we think what we’re suggesting will help your reel to sell you.

Book a Reel Edit/Design with Polymorph and let us help you get the reel that works for you.

Reel Scene

The best content strategy you can employ for your reel is to get good quality footage from an actual job, but every actor knows how difficult this can be. Providing footage for your reel is nowhere near the top of the list of priorities for any production. And what if you just don’t have any footage at all?

This is where “Shot For Reel” footage comes in. There’s nothing inherently wrong with footage shot specifically for a reel, but quality is everything. What you shoot must fulfil the same requirements as material from real-world projects. There are many showreel providers who’ll shoot your reel, but there are traps to avoid. Too many showreel companies use stock or recycled scenes, or don’t research you enough to provide the right clip for you.

When we write a scene for you, it will be specifically for you. We never recycle scenes, and we base the writing on you as an actor. We’ll explore your types, your existing work and your playing range. We aren’t film makers, so we don’t shoot the scenes ourselves but we’ll give you something you can take to a reputable company to shoot.

It will suit your type and range and we promise not to write anything involving waving a gun around (actually, if you really, really want that we will write it, but trust us when we say – you probably don’t want that!).

Book a Reel Scene with Polymorph and you’ll get something that will sell you.

Reel Partner

A good “shot for reel” scene will almost certainly involve at least one other character with whom you would be interacting. Who is going to play that other character? Trust us – you want a professional actor for that. You definitely don’t want to be left with whoever happens to be around on the day you shoot with your showreel company.

We have extensive contacts among the industry with a wide range of actors who can partner you in your showreel scene. They’ll understand that the scene is about you and will support you in achieving the scene you want.

We’ll look at the scene you want to film and help you find the right person. We treat this like a proper casting and we will find exactly the right person specifically for your scene. Book a Reel Partner with Polymorph and get the perfect foil for your scene.