Selftaping for ActorsBetter get better at it.

Auditioning is a chance to act. Take advantage of it…

Selftapes are here to stay…

Love them or loathe them, selftapes are here and they’re only going to get more prevalent in any actor’s life. They can be daunting, for sure, but they can also be a huge opportunity. All it takes is a little know-how, and Polymorph is here to give you that.

The basics of selftaping…

Selftaping a little scene to send off to the Casting Director doesn’t sound very hard, does it? And it isn’t – but did you know that almost half of selftapes submitted never get watched beyond the first few seconds? This isn’t because the actors were no good. The reasons why selftapes don’t get watched have nothing to do with the quality of the actor. They are all to do with the selftape itself.

If you don’t get the basics right, it doesn’t matter how well you do the scene because nobody will ever see it. Our partners have recorded – and watched – hundreds of selftapes and we know the ones that do get watched. We’ll tell you how to create selftapes that get watched, and we’ll tell you why the ones that don’t are discarded.

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Selftape Challenge

How good are your selftapes? How do you know? One way to find out is by having a go at Polymorph’s Selftape Challenge. You can probably guess the idea – we’ll send you a series of selftape requests, one per day for a week. Your challenge is to film the requested selftapes, and send them in to us for review. We’ll be critical, but not brutal, honest but fair (and if we think your tape is perfect, we’ll say so).

More importantly, we’ll tell you why we say what we do, and how you might have done it differently. Of course, we understand that there is no absolute right and wrong in terms of how you play the scene. We aren’t here to tell you how to act. We’ll be judging only the quality of the tape you send us in terms of a response to the brief.

Unlike many similar programmes, we don’t recycle the same set of briefs (many of which would be individually unsuitable) for every actor. We create briefs specifically for you based on your acting CV, your headshots and your “types”. In other words we treat each brief as if it were a real casting.

Book a Selftape Challenge with Polymorph and see how good you can be.

Selftape Coaching

In a one-to-one session with one of our partners, you’ll submit a selftape prepared in response to a personally-devised brief that we send you. The brief will be tailored specifically to a casting that you might apply for, based on your acting CV, headshots, and “types”.

In the session, we’ll dissect the submission together looking at what works, and at what doesn’t. We’ll suggest strategies and techniques that will help you to make consistently better selftapes.

These sessions aren’t about your acting, although we might discuss the choices you made while making the tape. The sessions are about how to make better selftapes.

Book a Selftape Coaching session with Polymorph and get better at it.