Script AnalysisReading between the lines.

There are always alternatives, sometimes we just need someone to point at them…

Writing, right?

If someone ever decided to spell out (see what we did there?) every single decision a writer makes in the course of a script, be it for screen or stage, we would all lose the will to live before we reached the end of the list. We make so many choices in a script it makes your head spin to think about. Which means that we often don’t think about it. Not really. We’re here to do some of that thinking for you. We can’t tell you how to write. We can’t tell you what to write. But we can tell you some things about what you have written…

Read my script!

Writing can be a very lonely task. It’s easy to get too close to the material and be unable to see the story for the dialogue. Sometimes a second – or third – pair of eyes can see the shape of the thing much better without being mired in the detail. Sometimes, it’s just about flagging up some alternatives. There are always alternatives.

Our partners have a great deal of writing, producing, directing and acting experience with many scripts professionally produced. We know a script that works when we see one, and we know potential when we see it, even if the script itself might benefit from some critique. We’ll scrutinise your script from top to bottom and give you a detailed report on it. We’ll give you honest opinions (and yes, if we think it can’t be improved we’ll say so – but it probably can be).

Book a Read My Script report with Polymorph and see how we can point you to some interesting alternatives.

Analyse this!

Sometimes it just isn’t enough to have someone look at your product and tell you what they think about it. Sometimes you have specific questions that you want answered, and they aren’t always questions that would naturally be covered in a straight analysis of what you’ve written.

Maybe there’s a particular plot point you aren’t sure is working the way you want it to?

Perhaps you’re wondering if the dialogue matches the characterisations and the circumstances?

Is the story interesting? Is the pace right? Is the plot intriguing?

Our partners have excellent dramaturgy skills, and from a wide variety of experience too. We can dissect a script from a production, direction and performance point of view and we can do so while answering the specific concerns you might have with any part of, or with any aspect of it.

Book a Directed Analysis for your script with Polymorph and we will work with you to provide a tailored analysis of your work, according to your needs.