Votes For Women!Letter bombs, arson and hunger strikes…

We sent several letters addressed to the Prime Minister
from various locations. These letters contained chemicals which would explode when opened.

“Votes for Women!”
by Jan van der Black

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First performed at Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland, 2019, Votes for Women was Polymorph’s nod to the centenary of the extension of voting rights to include women in the UK.

In true Polymorph fashion, Votes for Women reveals a new perspective on the Suffragette movement and one of its leading figures, Emmeline Pankhurst. The play takes a sideways look at the carefully sanitised image of the movement, and of Emmeline herself, that has grown up over the years.

The story follows Emmeline’s progress from wide-eyed teenager to the final victory only weeks before she died. She was a dedicated campaigner for a cause she took up as barely more than a child, and did not shy away from acts that would in other times be regarded as the tactics of terrorism.

Letter bombs, arson, vandalism, hunger strikes – all were grist to the mill of the most famous of the Suffragettes.

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A short teaser for “Votes for Women”.

The footage in this trailer is taken from the production at Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 with Emilie Maybank as Emmeline Pankhurst and Jan van der Black as Richard Pankhurst.