The BoxJill wasn’t cut out to be cursed…

Bad things are going to happen. They’re already happening and you can’t escape…

“The Box”
by Jan van der Black

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Poster image of Edinburgh Fringe production 2014

The Box began its life as a 15 minute radio play in 2010 at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Inverness, Scotland. Since then it has morphed into a number of different forms as both a stage and screen production.

In its original form, it had a cast of six. In 2011 it was adapted into a 20 minute short film with a cast of four and in 2012 to its current and most lasting form as a 50 minute stage production. As a stage production it was first performed in Ayr, Scotland and in 2014 became Polymorph’s first Edinburgh Fringe production, now with a cast of three characters and using a minimalist approach to setting.

Jill, the lead protagonist, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation after being convicted of the murder of Jack, a shopowner from whom she uncharacteristically stole an old wooden box. The seemingly mentally-unstable Jack follows her home, arriving shortly after she has discovered that her parents have been killed in a road accident. Jack claims that their deaths are the result of a curse placed on the box hundreds of years ago.

Laura, the therapist, encourages Jill to talk about her experiences but Jill is resistant, insisting that Laura will merely assume that she is deranged. Eventually, in her cell, Jill takes her own life believing that her action will end the curse forever.

Unfortunately, Laura has already taken steps that will ensure that the tragedy continues…

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