Coma-ToastFatal Fantasies – careful what you wish for…

The Fatal Fantasies Agency is looking for two new recruits, and their best customer wants a discount…

by Jan van der Black

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Jan van der Black grew up with one of the most iconic comedy genres of the 20th century, the Carry On films. Written as an homage to the Carry On tradition, Coma-Toast is an affectionate tip of the hat to bawdy seaside postcard humour of a less politically correct age.

First produced in Ayr, Scotland in 2012, it’s set in a hospital – of course. There is a beautiful, sexy Nurse – of course. There is a lecherous older man – of course. There is his secretive wife – of course. There is a nervous younger man – of course.

Throw in a Doctor (with an Italian mother and a Mancunian father) and a beautiful young woman in a coma who can hear every word spoken.

Bedbound Siobhan finds out things about her Mother, Father and Boyfriend that she really wishes she hadn’t. George and Sheila find out things about each other and Colin finds out things about himself. Claire just hopes nobody finds out about her.

The Fatal Fantasies Agency turns out to be more of a family business than anyone could have imagined…

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