Abberline’s ArtefactA ghost story within a ghost story…
1M (6F Voice, Audience participation)

John Davis is slowly going mad. Ever since the blackouts started. Ever since he found… Abberline’s Artefact.

“Abberline’s Artefact”
by Jan van der Black

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First produced at Stratford Circus, London, Abberline’s Artefact was the first creative collaboration between Jan van der Black as Actor/Writer and Penny Gkritzapi as Director/Designer and later their first joint Edinburgh Fringe production.

This one man show garnered effusive praise from press and audiences, as well as from Ripperologists for its refreshingly different take on the well-worn subject.

John Davis awakens from a dream, terrified. He has no memory of the clothes he’s wearing, why the whisky is nearly gone, what time it is, or where all these books and articles about Jack the Ripper came from.

Davis is sure he’s slowly going mad. People he’s never met – to his knowledge – greet him in the street. All he knows is that the blackouts started the day he found something in the cellar. The cellar of the house he bought which once belonged to Frederick George Abberline.

The man who never caught Jack the Ripper.
The man with unfinished business.

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A short teaser for Abberline’s Artefact.

The material in this trailer is taken from the production at Stratford Circus in 2016 with Jan van der Black as Frederick Abberline.