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Polymorph Partner Activities…

Directed by Polymorph partner Penny Gkritzapi

for Different Theatre and the Hastings Fringe Festival, Chemistry is set in a future world in which people are no longer allowed to touch. Children are conceived through IVF, overseen by robot Fosterers.

As a way of maintaining human involvement in the reproductive process, prospective parents are required to meet so they can approve their genetic matching.

In one such pairing meeting, the sophisticated Bea and first-timer Jay try to navigate the process and their strong reactions to each other.

Chemistry explores reproductive politics, human attachment and the dangers of a technology-driven state. Created for socially distanced performance in 2020, Chemistry plays out intensely and claustrophobically in real time.

Directed by Penny Gkritzapi

for Mountview Drama School, Milkteeth explores heritage, identity and diaspora against the backdrop of economic decline and commercial exploitation in modern Greece.

Alex returns to his childhood village on the eve of his father’s wedding. As he struggles to reconcile the past, a darker force emerges, revealing fragments of his troubled upbringing.