The Box (Feature)The Box is cursed and you can’t escape.

Bad things are going to happen. They’re already happening and you can’t stop it…

“The Box (Feature)”
by Jan van der Black

A centuries-old curse…

Based on Jan van der Black’s original radio drama and stage play, this feature-length adaptation traces the history of The Box and its curse from its very beginnings to the present day.

Jill wasn’t cut out to be cursed. She wasn’t cut out to be a murderer. When she stole The Box from Jack, she didn’t know that that was what he’d wanted all along. That was her downfall.

Jack didn’t want to feel guilty, but he did. That was his downfall.

Laura thinks she knows Jill. But she doesn’t. That’s her downfall.

The Box always gets what it wants.

Development Status: PARTIAL SCRIPT

Script work ongoing, but other projects have priority.