Specs, Spies and StickytapeThe Vodka-Martinis are running low.

Our hero is in the clutches of the evil twins. Do they expect him to talk…?

“Specs, Spies and stickytape”
by Jan van der Black

It’s the annual Spies Convention…

… and things aren’t going too well. Eight guests have already been murdered, a pair of evil twins are on the rampage and even the Vodka Martinis are running out.

How can our hero save the day? Who is the mysterious Eastern European beauty? Will that damned game of Baccarat never end?

When our hero is captured we wonder how it was so easy. We question the significance of the alternating eye-patch.

And when his special spectacles get broken, we can’t believe that any self-respecting spy could be caught without his trusty stickytape. It’s a farce!

Development Status: PLOT OUTLINE

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