Robbery with VioletsThe Nom-de-Bloom society is in trouble.

Oh dear, what can the matter be? Three ladies called Violet locked in a lavatory…

“Robbery With Violets”
by Jan van der Black

The Nom-de-Bloom society…

… a society for women with “flower” names, has been holding its Annual Christmas party. Violet, Violet and Violet (the three founding members) are in the Ladies’ room after finishing the clearing up when they find that the door has been locked from the outside.

A gang of robbers, fleeing from a bank holdup, have taken refuge in the hall, and have secured all the exits and entrances, while the police have surrounded the building and are demanding that they release their hostages.

The only problem is that the robbers didn’t know they had hostages, and the hostages don’t know that they are hostages. What’s more, when they find out there are shock revelations for all the characters in this farce…

Development Status: PLOT OUTLINE

First draft of script projected March/April 2021.