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October 2021

Before An Inspector Calls

Polymorph’s latest production…

Dates: 7th – 9th October
Time: 7:30pm (Matinee Saturday 9th 2:30pm)

Location: Chiswick Playhouse, 2 Bath Rd, W4 1LW

Tickets: £10 from Chiswick Playhouse Box Office

Before An Inspector Calls was originally scheduled to be Polymorph Theatre’s offering at the Edinburgh Fringe 2020.

Sadly we all know what happened to that plan!

In this show, the surreal elements of Priestley’s play are extended backwards in time to the afternoon of the fateful day. The Inspector arrives at the scene of a suicide and begins his investigation. ‘Eva Smith’, who does not appear in the Priestley play, speaks through the words she left behind in her journal.

Inspired by JB Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’, this project was intended to be Polymorph’s production at Edinburgh Fringe 2020 until circumstances(!) intervened.

The idea for the show arose as an exploration of a possible ‘prequel’ to the Priestley play. The ‘reality’ or otherwise of the Inspector in that work is subject to endless discussion and also the origins of the motivation of that character. The young woman, ‘Eva Smith’, likewise is deliberately not necessarily a real individual and does not appear in the original play.