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Being a professional actor is much more than simply getting on a stage or set and pretending to be someone else…

Confidence, Selftapes & Showreels (oh, my…)

Actor Confidence

Acting is perhaps more about confidence than it is about any other single thing. Once you step onto a stage or a set you can be in the loneliest place in the world. Our partners understand that feeling, we’ve all been there and we know what it’s like when that feeling of uncertainty creeps in.

Every actor goes through crises of confidence many times in their career, and we are here to help you with that. We can offer you not only advice, but practical help with preparation technique, audition coaching and much more… Read More

Selftape Coaching

Ever get the impression that this picture is what productions think we all have sitting at home ready for doing selftapes? Yeah, us too. Selftapes are here to stay, and they are only going to become an ever more present part of acting life.

The fact is, most of us don’t have an entire studio to deal with the increasingly complex requirements that the casting process seems to be making with regard to selftapes. Fortunately, you don’t need one. We can show you how to get the best out of yourself and how to use the equipment you do have to your best advantage… Read More

Showreel Services

The showreel is nowadays one of the most, if not the most important weapons in an actor’s profile. In recent years it’s become the case that without a reel, you almost don’t exist in the eyes of the casting industry.

However, a showreel isn’t just a random collection of clips – it can also be an extension of your acting CV, showing what you have been – and more importantly, could be – cast in. We can help you to get your reel in razor-sharp order, ready to help get you seen for more roles… Read More