PosterComa-Toast was written in the tradition of the Carry On films, a farcical comedy with a nostalgic nod to a simpler time. The play runs approximately 90 minutes in two acts.

  • Small cast of 6 (3F, 3M)
  • Set in a private hospital room
  • Basic sound and lighting required


Siobhan is in a coma. So the doctors say, but it seems that, unknown to her visitors, she can hear all that goes on around her in her private room at the hospital.

From her bickering parents Sheila and George, to whatever is going on between the vampish nurse Claire and Siobhan’s wimpy boyfriend Colin, Siobhan learns a lot about her family – and some of it she really doesn’t want to know. What is Sheila’s new business? Why is George being so secretive? And what on earth is Colin up to?

Coma-Toast is available for production. To enquire about rights or further information, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

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