2014 – The Box

BoxFrontFPolymorph’s 2014 offering at Edinburgh Fringe was the first (and only – so far) not to have premiered at the festival. originally conceived and produced as a 15 minute radio play, The Box has since been through a number of stage incarnations and has also been produced as a short film. A feature-length screenplay is also in development.


Jill is now a convicted killer, after discovering an intruder in her flat. She has been remanded for psychiatric reports, which will be prepared by therapist Laura. As Laura gradually gains Jill’s confidence, we learn who the intruder was and what he was doing there. This was no mere burglary. Beneath the apparent simplicity of the circumstances lies a tale in the Gothic tradition.

Imagine if one simple act could leave you cursed for life. All your loved ones will die. First. Then your friends. Then your acquaintances. There is only one way out, but that means someone else’s life will suffer. Would you sacrifice yourself? Would you sacrifice someone else?

You don’t choose the curse, it chooses you – and once you are chosen your only chance is to hope it chooses someone else soon. There might be another way – your own death, but you’d better make that choice before The Box chooses for you…

Praise for The Box

This incarnation, as performed at the Fringe in 2014, was reworked for a cast of three – down from the original cast of five – and received very strong reviews from audiences during the run:

  • “Creepy and brilliant!”
  • “A nightmare-inducing concept”
  • “The idea that evil could be so impersonal and relentless is frightening”

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