Polymorph at the Fringe

Polymorph Theatre has a strong connection with Edinburgh Fringe. Many of our productions premiere at Edinburgh, and we have an excellent record of runs there. All our productions have received strong reviews and approval from both audience and industry.

2018 – Dulce et Decorum Est: The Unknown Soldiers

The Great War ended in 1918, and for the 100th anniversary of that ending Polymorph chose to take on a subject that seems universal in the human experience. Many dramatic performances in every medium have been produced in this genre, but as always Polymorph seek to examine the personal and human experience within the broader subject… More




2017 – 10 Rillington Place

For the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, Polymorph returned to the subject of serial killing, but this time from the point of view of the killer. John Reginald Halliday Christie, the Notting Hill murderer killed at least eight women before finally being caught. Forever, and notoriously, connected with the tragic case of the injustice done to Timothy Evans the motivations and machinations of Christie himself have tended to be somewhat overtaken by the tragedy of the Evans case… More



2016 – Abberline’s Artefact

In 2016, Abberline’s Artefact became the first Polymorph Theatre production to be designed and directed by creative partner Penny Gkritzapi, and began what is now recognised as Polymorph’s distinctive style of production. The show began life as a collaborative research project while Jan and Penny were classmates studying for their respective MA degrees and morphed into their first joint Fringe project… More



2014 – The Box

The Box is the only Polymorph production at the Edinburgh Fringe that did not premiere at the Festival. Originally conceived as a 15 minute radio play, The Box has, over the years, been produced in a number of different formats, including short film. A feature length screenplay is also in development… More

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