Several projects are in development alongside projected productions of existing work:



When someone dies and then gets reincarnated, you’d think the “Powers That Be” would have the process down to a science by now, woudn’t you? Maybe it would be if the process hadn’t been outsourced to an overworked, short-staffed office whose website is under maintenance, whose call menu system is about as infuriating as it gets and whose supply of lives to rebirth people into is getting short…

Development status – plot outline

It’s My Funeral

From an idea by Annaliese Broughton. Someone is planning a celebration, it seems, and there’ll be all kinds of fun for the guests to enjoy. Everything has to be just so – a dress code, entertainment, spontaneous surprises (planned to the second) and everything in its place to make this a memorable day for everyone. Except for the guest of honour, that is…

Development status – plot design

Robbery With Violets

No meeting of the “Nom-de-Bloom” Society – the only society for women with flower names – has ever ended with three of its members, in this case Violet, Violet and Violet, becoming hostages to a trio of ruthless villains. This one has, and it’s all really rather tiresome. Especially as the villains don’t even know they are there…

Development status – outline

Specs, Spies and Sellotape

The annual convention of spies isn’t going well. Our boys are in a sticky situation and the Martinis are running out.

Development status – outline


The Box

A feature length screenplay adaptation of the play by Jan van der Black.

Development status – first draft

Dead Funny

An episodic comedy/drama series set in a funeral parlour. In the pilot episode a man, driven by grief over his wife’s early death, breaks into the funeral parlour to share one last night with her. Obsessed by the desire to keep her with him, he steals the embalmed body and takes it home. The next day he finds that the dead woman is not his late wife, but the corpse of a different woman.

Development status – outline

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